Prosciutto Rolls /$19

prosciutto , fig , goat cheese

Questo Frito    /    $13

Queso Blanco and Salsa Verde

Fried Calamari    /    $14

spicy marinara

Crab Cake / $19

crab meat, vegetables, french cocktail sauce 

Coconut Shrimp    /    $16

served with sweet chilli sauce

Tuna Tartare / $18


sushi grade tuna ,fresh avocado,sesame soy sauce ,red onion 

Mediterranean Platter    /    $14


Falafel, Tomato Parsley ,Salad, Tahini sauce  Pita bread 

Grilled Octopus   /    $19

Deliciously prepared, served with fennel after grilled

Crispy  Chicken Wings    /    $18

Buffalo, Honey Siracha, or smoked BBQ

Lamb Chops    /    $28

 sweet chilli sauce, coleslaw

Mussels    /    $18

choice of white wine or diovolo sauce, served with garlic bread

Quesadillas  Chicken /$16 Steak /$17 Shrimp /$18

Served with sour crème, salsa, and guacamole. cheese, red peppers, onions.


Seafood Salad / $21


olive oil,fresh lemon juice 

Pear Salad    /    $14

(contains nuts)

mixed greens, glazed walnuts, pear, cranberry, strawberry, topped with blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad    /    $12

lettuce, homemade croutons, Parmesan cheese


Prosciutto Fig /$19

goat cheese , fig , arugula, prosciutto 

White Pie    /    $16

Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan

Mediterranean pizza 19

Fresh tomato, feta cheese , mozzarella cheese, olives , artichoke , basil 

Classic Pizza    /    $16

san marzano tomato, mozerella

Margarita  /$17

fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil 

Toppings    /    $2

roasted red peppers, red onion, basil,

scramble sausage pepperoni, grilled chicken, bacon, mushroom 


Spirit Burger /$16

Angus beef , carnalized onion , chef special sauce 

Lamb Burger    /    $16

Moroccan spice, mint, green apple coleslaw

Falafel Burger    /    $15


tahini sauce ,tomato  , shaved romaine


New York Strip / $48

14oz, grilled prime NY strip , sautéed asparagus carrots , mashed potato 

Seared Sesame Salmon    /    $29

(contains sesame)

black quinoa,tangerine ginger sauce ,sauteed asparagus 

Fillet Mignon / $37

8oz center cut fillet mignon,mashed potato,sauteed baby bok choy ,mushroom sauce 


Linguine Clams /$29

linguine pasta , clams , white wine sauce 

Seared Tuna pepper Corn   / $31

black quinoa,baby bok choy ,pepper corn sauce 

Lobster Tail /$36

9oz lobster tail sautéed vegetable , garlic butter sauce 

Chicken Milanese /$29

breaded / bounded chicken breast, arugula, tomato , onion , fresh mozzarella 

Branzino Piccata /$28

branzino fillet,piccata sauce ,black quinoa, sautéed asparagus 

Spaghetti Squash /$22

(vegetarian, gluten free )

sautéed spaghetti squash ,fresh tomato ,parmesan cheese